As we move forward in our Vision 20/20 Plan, I feel so blessed that God has shown us a direction for our church in regard to our buildings.  He has opened doors we never expected or imagined and continues to confirm we are moving in His direction.


God has provided for us a wonderful sense of unity in this Vision and that only comes from Him.  God also continues to bless us with a growing church.  We cannot ignore that on any given Sunday visitors from all around our community are being drawn here by the Lord.  The opportunity laid out before us to become a true lighthouse of “New Hope” in our community is undeniable.


The time has come for New Hope to expand our facilities to meet the growing opportunities God has placed before us.  I can not help but reflect on June 5, 2016 when our Vision Building Team and myself shared with you the exciting possibilities of the Vision 20/20 plan.  On that day we sensed the Holy Spirit illuminating our way forward to become a church that glorifies His name in our generation.  Over the next 6 months God worked to refine and improve that vision even more.  On March 26th, our church will drive down another stake in this path to the future as we share plans for moving forward.


Part of those plans involve the kickoff of a Capital Stewardship Campaign called “Journey Together in Faith.”  Our new Stewardship Team and Vision Team felt this theme was quite appropriate for our church at this point in our history.  I have no doubt God is definitely leading us on a journey to a place in our church’s history that we have never imagined until now.  So let me personally encourage you to be here at New Hope on Sunday, March 26th.  During this special service you will learn more about our building expansion and remodel plans along with our Journey Together in Faith campaign.  Up until now there has been much prayer and planning; this is the day we begin to join together and move forward in the journey.


These are exciting days of opportunity in our church and I’m thankful I can be part of them.  I don’t know about you, but I have set my sights on what lies ahead.  Let’s all join in and do our part.


Ready for the Journey,


Doug Goodman| Pastor