ONE:  GIVING OUT OF OUR INCOME: How can you increase your giving out of your income? It’s a great place to start, but the problem for many of us is that a there is too much month left at the end of our money.


TWO:  GIVING APPRECIATED ASSETS: Did you know that you can give assets directly to the church? You can avoid paying capital gains tax and still get a fair market value depreciation based on current value.


THREE:  GIVING “STUFF”: Here is something we can all give. We move it, we store it and we dust it. It might be a collectible item such as stamps, coins, baseball cards or jewelry. It could become a valued gift.


FOUR:  GIVING BY SACRIFICE: Sacrifice is not something we enjoy doing, but it’s something we do regularly for those we love. According to USA TODAY, the average family eats out five times a week. Giving up one meal out can increase your giving by $5,000 over the next three years.